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Product Description

Want to order but unsure of quality?  Buy this sample and you’ll get exactly the quality of drivers license but without a custom image in it. Make your friends laugh and use it as a tool to sell IDs so you can not only get your drink on but you’ll make a tidy profit while lowering your personal costs.

This is for a SAMPLE novelty fake ID not a custom drivers license.

Make money with this:

  1. Buy a handful of these for handing out as promotions
  2. Put a burner phone number on a sticker and place it over the back with your name on it. Try something other than “Call Heisenburg” though…
  3. Hand them out at parties
  4. Get a group of 3-10 friends to make an order through you at the same time and get the discounted rate for yourself.
  5. Charge what you want but know that the market rate for this quality from other sources is $250-$350 so even if you give them a steep discount, you’ll make a decent profit.

A few tips:

  1. Collect the money up front.
  2. After you deliver the first batch of finished goods to your friends. Enlist those friends to tell their friends to also team up on bulk orders through you so they get affordable IDs too. Then,  throw a referral fee to your friends who brought you the new bulk order and continue to profit while earning your friend a little action too.

Additional Information

Dimensions 85.60 x 53.98 x 0.76 mm

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