How to make money

Easy money.

On any given month there are 75,000 searches on google for fake ids. During the school year on an averaged sized major college campus, there are 20,000 mostly underage students away from home and will at some point have an opportunity to party. Most people are wise enough to only buy from people whom they have at least two degrees of association with rather than just hand over their information to websites that could be ran by the FBI.  We all want to have an inside connection before we drop money on something; it’s human nature. That’s where you come in. Be the inside person they know to help them have a good time.

  1. Commission Only: For every ID ordered with your coupon, we payout 40% back to you but you have to sell at least 10 IDs before payout is made. Afterwards, you can get paid 24 hours later on each ID. If you want to make even more than that, then you’d need to place orders yourself in bulk.
  2. Bulk Order: Order 20 different IDs at once, you get a discount of 75% but delivery can be to only one address. Email us for bulk orders.

How to be an affiliate:

  • Sign-up on the right and Download the flyer
  • Receive an email with your special coupon code that allows your contacts to take $75 off the price of a custom ID.
  • Prepare: Put your pre-paid phone number and/or coupon code into the PDF template sales flyer. Then print out a 250 copies on your OWN printer cut them for free YOURSELF at Fedex office. This gives you 500 flyers to put into conspicuous places.
  • Where to advertise: Go to where there are college kids and drop your flyer. Also, drop the flyer near methadone clinics, head shops, payday loan businesses, thrift stores, or other known high-crime areas.
  • Redirect your customers: When you take calls, tell them to text you either with your voice or just ignore all calls and use the automatic reply feature. You can setup your phone’s automatic replies to use your coupon code and a link to the website to save you a ton of time.
  • Check on your sales efforts with a weekly report sent to your email.

Download the Sales Flyer PDF template:

Click Here to Download
(Remember to add your phone number and/or coupon code to the flyer before printing)